Old Town Centre of Agrigento

Information and historical notes


The historic center of Agrigento dated between the ninth and the thirteenth century, brings together many examples of rulers who had the town by the end of the Roman Empire to the present day.
Along the Atenea street, full of shops and bakeries, are to visit the Church of the Immaculate, and Purgatory, the latter, Baroque style, contains within it the statues representing the eight virtues of Serpotta, and a chapel lined with gold on which Christ stands a seventeenth century Baroque style, too.
Towards the end of the Via Atenea, the first to arrive in Pirandello square , is home to the Filippini Palace, a former convent has been restored and home to the Art Gallery of the exhibition you can admire the paintings of Lojacono, Giambecchina or in addition to some paintings by Luca Giordano, Pietro Novelli, and Fra Felice da Sambuca.
When you reach Pirandello square, you can visit the Town Hall, the former convent of the Dominican Fathers of the seventeenth century, and the adjacent church of San Domenico.
Facing it is the seat of the civic museum, now involved in a long process of restoration. Inside the hall past the cloister, was the home theater Luigi Pirandello.
After the Pirandello square, begins the Garibaldi street, along it is possible to admire the church of St. Francesco of Paola, and the Church of Addolorata.
Walking through the narrow streets leading to Atenea street cathedral, are to visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in style Chiaramonte, where it finds its place within the civic museum and the church of St. Maria Greeks dating from the fourteenth century, built on the ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena, whose foundations, including some Doric columns are still visible through a restoration that allows viewing through a glass floor.
Higher still, you come in Duomo street, along them, is the church of St. Alfonzo, Lucchesiana the Library, the Cathedral of St. Gerlando Norman style, the museum of the cathedral and the palace of the Episcopal Seminary.