Agrigento: tips for travelers

Some tips to face the best excursions.


Agrigento is a beautiful city, however, to enjoy the wonders it offers to tourists, you should follow some useful information, which will further enhance your stay and your visits.

TIP # 1 - Hat
The visit to the Valley of the Temples has, unfortunately, few shelters from the sun. A hat or a visor can help to avoid the dangers of heat.

TIP # 2 - Water
Unlike other places, Agrigento - for its configuration - does not offer the classic fountains along the route. Therefore, you should always go out of the water for the thirsty.

TIP # 3 - Shoes
Some courses (especially those relating to the Valley of the Temples) meander through cobbled streets and dirt roads. Needless to say what is appropriate to move with comfortable and light footwear.

TIP # 4 - Children
For the little ones, maybe not very attracted by the archaeological and historical beauties, while the route of the old town and offers many distractions as ice cream shops and bakeries, the path through the temples cold have the effects of a sweet "lullaby", so at least for the little ones, do not forget the stroller!